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1. Read through the entirety of this page and the Offerings page. 

2. Complete a New Client Intake form.

3. Request a New Client Session for Somatic Intimacy or Elemental Touch (expanded option available for Somatic Intmacy)

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Expectations + Elaborations

first things first

  • all clients must read the consent and discretion policy prior to booking and attending their first session

  • it's super important that you read through this page because some of your questions will likely be answered! 

  • this is not an escort service or a place where you are entitled to sxual services - sensual does not equal sxual :) let's burn the cishet patriarchal norms and use the ashes as our medicine, eh? 

important notes

  • everything i offer has been designed solely by me through informed experimentation and pure exploration of my god given gifts 

  • i do not adhere nor teach from any one particular lineage or tradition of spirituality/religion/school of thought - i study from a wiiiiide range of teachers and paths (including the path i paved for myself)

  • frankly, i believe religion and even new age spirituality feels extremely exploitative, shame driven, and dictated by an everlasting fear of never being okay - so i've made up my own doctrine of divinity and i honor the doctrines you bring with you :)

  • although i am a very spiritual person, you do not need to be on a spiritual path to find benefit from this work

  • disclaimer: i am not going to be a good fit for everyone - and that's cooool! there are so so many people out there who are ready to meet you where you are and i wish you the best on your exploration!

new clients + long time no sees

  • new clients (and anyone who hasn't been in for 2+ years) must choose the new client session

  • ​i do not arrange bookings by text or email - if you ask, it will be obvious to me that you have yet to read this website and i will direct you here 

  • NEW! AUGUST 2022: INTAKE FORM requirement 

requesting a session

  • the only way to request a session is on this website

  • all appointments need to be approved 

  • if it doesn't work out, the request will be denied (seems harsh, but it isn't)

  • you will receive an email that informs you it was accepted or denied, either way​

  • 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive an automatic email confirming your session; please confirm your session with me! i love confirmations - you can text me, too

  • NEXT DAY ONLY: I do not take same-day sessions - appointments can be booked up to 12 hours in advance and no more than 40 days out

cancellation policy


  • all clients must agree to the cancellation policy which asks all cancellations to come with a $50 slot holding fee to be paid by venmo @foxella or otherwise agreed upon

  • if I have to cancel the session, I will offer $50 off or a free 15 minutes for your rescheduled appointment


  • night-before or morning-of confirmation texts are preferred - expect that i will attempt to receive a confirmation from you. you are welcome to respond to the auto email you receive 24 hours in advance 

  • i never answer phone calls unless we have a scheduled phone call appointment

  • i rarely book sessions by text or email

  • PLEASE READ: i am fully aware that i am hard to get a hold of: i do not check my texts or emails on any regular schedule :) 

  • the absolute best way to get my attention is to request a session from this website

  • i welcome inquiry emails - please expect up to a week to hear back from me :)

the space + accessibility

  • studio is located on the 2nd floor with 9 steps to climb from main entrance

  • bathroom available within 10 steps of space door

  • please let me know if you have accessibility needs - outcalls are available in the twin cities area (see map in requests)

parking and arrival

  • 730 E. 38th Street (the goodridge offices) is located within George Floyd Square

  • you can park on columbus Ave or 38th street

  • George Floyd Square IS SACRED AND SAFE - enter it with respect and dignity for those who are present

  • when you arrive/park it is imperative that you send me a text so I can meet you at the front door of the building to let you in

  • i am usually ready 10-15 minutes early - in that case i will send you a text saying: "I'm ready when you are!" - then you can let me know when you have parked and are walking over

late arrival

  • appointment time begins at the scheduled time unless otherwise communicated with me; starting early does not increase time of session

  • your time starts at the scheduled time and arriving early does not increase time of session (worth repeating)

  • lost time will be expected to be compensated but not necessarily made up for 

legal considerations

  • i operate under regulations set by The MN Department of Unlicensed Complimentary and Alternative Healthcare Practices and the City of Minneapolis ordinances for massage establishment

  • i am required to offer you the state's client bill of rights

  • there are regulations on Prohibited Conduct that lays out guidelines for true, safe, and ethical practices

  • the State of MN does not have educational requirements to practice alternative care or therapies including massage, bodywork, Reiki, sex education and other services available here

  • the regulating agency for sex therapists and sexuality educators is AASECT; nearly all of my classes on sex and sexuality are approved courses taught by AASECT approved teachers - i have taken a variety of deep dives into a spectrum of erotic teachings from lots of sources within and outside the realm of accredited institutional knowledge 

  • please refrain from using words that imply illegal activity 

considerations for time


  • cash and cards are accepted (small fee for cards on square)

  • cards are seen on statements as: sacred connection

  • tips are welcome, obviously ;)

  • ~10% discounts are provided when 3 or more hours are paid for in advance

new client session flow

  • new clients can expect a 5-15 minute discussion about my philosophy, our boundaries, and session details - you will be on the table for 50-55 min

  • you will be asked about your experience and what brought you to the space

  • i will ask about allergies (specifically almonds), no-zones, and injuries

  • you will have ample time to inform me of anything you find pertinent and to ask questions

  • there is zero tolerance for any fluid exchange or body parts inside body parts - please don't ask 

on tantra

  • although tantra is greatly respected in the space of my work, i am not always interested in the way the west has appropriated it into the new age spirituality industry under capitalism

  • i do not believe feminine and masculine energies are gendered

  • i am deeply connected to tantric principles, but i will not participate in the binary appropriation of it by upholding the teachings to a single lens of sxual practices as so many understand them today.

  • tantra is way more than sx! and it's not a code word :)

  • i request that you are at least aware of how the west has continued to appropriate ancient cultures for their own advantageous gain without giving credit, nor acknowledging the harm brought on people to even have the knowledge in the first place 

Consent + Discretion Policy

Consent and Discretion Agreement

last updated: December 14, 2022

As a client of Elle Fox you are asked to review the following consent and discretion agreement. These statements must be agreed upon prior to the initiation of services. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak them with an honest mind and heart. Open communication is highly appreciated.


As a client and/or provider of somatic healing with bodywork, energy healing, and intuitive arts… (And as a conscious, breathing human…)

• I take full responsibility for my body and my actions towards other people. I will not place intentional harm onto myself or another person.

• I have the right to feel safe and to say NO when it feels right to do so. I will speak up when I am feeling uncomfortable.

• I have the right to say YES when it feels right to do so. I will give permission on how I am to be touched.

• I have the right to change my YES to a NO. I can change my mind. Consent is fluid and can change.

• I will ask permission to touch another person and respect their boundaries. I will not touch before asking or without given permission.

• I will provide clear boundaries on where and how I desire to be touched.




As a provider, Elle agrees to the following statements:


• I will not share client’s private information.

• I will not discuss session details with anyone without written permission from the client. I will not falsify testimonials based on your experiences. You have full ownership of your testimonial if you have one. 

• I will not share session notes and will use best practices to keep them private. I may keep notes on sessions for the following purposes: to remember who you are, your requests, your goals, previously discussed likes, don’t likes [face cradle, hot stones, etc.], and any other information that is helpful as we progress. 

• I will not cause harm to your reputation or go public with what occurs in our private sessions beyond what is necessary to protect my bodily rights.

• I will not pursue a personal relationship outside of professional boundaries.


As a client, you agree to the following statements:


• I will not share  or post my provider’s private information. 

• I will not post my provider’s information on any website, including review sites, advertising sites, or other website without her direct permission in writing.

• I will not infringe on my provider’s basic copyright protection (posting pictures without permission, using direct language from provider’s personal social media accounts or advertisements, etc.)

• I will not pursue a personal relationship with my provider outside of professional boundaries.

• I understand my rights as a client of Alternative Medicine 

• If I see my provider listed on a site that does not seem to align with her scope of practice, I will notify my provider. 

• I understand that my name, phone number, email address, and/or other information may be requested and used to verify who I am. I agree to provide all information requested for my provider to appropriately screen me. 

Consent Garden Image: is a detailed explanation of consent being practiced during Somatic Intimacy using FRIES*

F: Freely Given

R: Reversible

I: Informed

E: Engaged (formerly Enthusiastic)

S: Specific 

*adapted from Planned Parenthood


Intake & Booking

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