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34 Turns Around the Sun

Hellooo! Let me start by showing off my favorite most recent thrift find: a gameboy tee!

Thank you for being here with me in 2023.

I've been doing bodycare work for over 6 years and I couldn't have known the brilliance this work was to bring when I started.

It is suuuch an honor to work with people who show up for themselves and their juicy relationship with their bodies. i. appreciate. you. so. much.

Watching y'all nestle into your sweetness every time I go to work is...such a cherry on top of my icecream sundae of a life.

This year will hopefully bring lots of new opportunities for new and regular clients alike.

This year, I want to introduce the following:

• Audio blogging (I refuse to call it a podcast)

• Self-paced courses about: somatic intimacy, [my version of] elemental magick, genital/body appreciation, and somatic communication

• 1 on 1 touch programs for folks who are looking for established short-term, intentional support around anything that fits well within my somatic intimacy framework: sx education, somatic resourcing, unpacking wounds, cultivating medicine, expanding confidence, protecting energy...all the intimate stuff we love around here. hoping to offer these as an option to deepen the self-pace work, too!

Bottom line: I want to expand my work...bits by bits in ways that make sense to me and are aligned with how my work has been best received by y'all who have already worked with me. We are kind of building this expansion together - let it be informed by all of us :)

Some of you have already been telling me what kind of courses you would be interested in. Keep those ideas coming!


As the title of this post suggests: My birthday is around the corner and I actually want to ask for something 🙄

I'm asking for...Kind words...? Gentle glimmers into the way I have touched the people I've met in this timeline so far...?

It feels weird to ask.

I hate being looked at.

I hate being talked about.

But damn there's something nice about being witnessed and receiving testimony of character bundled in love, admiration, and respect.

Affirm me!

Worship me!

Smother me in the power of the written word!

Okokok, I am only partially serious..

All I'm asking for is a little testimonial on your experience with recieving bodywork from me.

How does it make you feel?

Why do you keep coming back?

What's your favorite thing about my style and flow?

How would you describe a session using nature/wild/elemental metaphores?

You don't have to answer these prompts; tell me whatever you want :)

Hearing from you will be such a gift of inspiration and encouragement. I appreciate it much, in advance.

As always, may be the best be yours.


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