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credo: the bones & flesh 

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bodily sovereignty is having a secure, grounded relationship with the body as a vehicle to experience life - it is the embodiment of dignity, rooted-ness, and having room to step into ourselves fully; with autonomy, choice, and self-regulation in a world chock full of complete dysregulation.


pleasure as medicine

the body is like a pharmacy cabinet. full of these gooey chemicals that nourish our nervous system and regulate the perception of our experiences. bad experiences change the body - so do pleasurable experiences. intentionally tapping into the pleasure medicine cabinet (our body) we allow ourselves to contain deep healing that is limitless, sovereign, and expansive. 


body: garden of ecstasy 

could the body be a spiritual source of joy, pleasure, and (dare i say it) ecstasy? could the body be our next favorite stay-cation? where we meet god and she serves us tea with the devil?


what are the best smelling blooms,

the brightest berries,

the thorniest roses

in our gardens of ecstasy? 


touch as witness

touch nerd alert!


being touched can fuel feelings of being witnessed - a deep presence can come from the certainty of another's witness through touch. aside from the very fantastic and mind-blowing sciencey stuff that we know about touch, there is something about it that science just can't put their finger on ;) 

it is impossible to know exactly why touch *works* - why exactly we need it, and why exactly it can cause as much harm and it can deliver recovery. but we know there is an extraordinary web of electrical and somatosensory systems of awareness working at any given point of life that play remarkable roles in the ways we have been shaped. 

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