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safe. sexy. secure.

Welcome to the garden of ecstasy 

The body is sacred.

It is said to have an entire micro-galaxy within it.

In our bodies, we experience life.

It is our portal to reality and the obscure. 

As we await an inevitable death, we heal.

As we experience pleasure and pain simultaneously,

we ebb and flow with the elements

and seasons of life.

We sleep, we dream.

We suffer and surrender.

We fall and rise in love and fear.

Here we are, we are here.

Together, we share this planet as mother.

We pray to higher powers as we watch the clock.

And follow time into its unfolding.

We join in power, strength, and vitality.

With our vulnerability, we grow into compassion.

We share space and isolate ourselves.

We listen to the call of the wild.

We are human.

Flawed, strange, and beautiful -

...All at once in the brilliance of difference and sameness.

May all of our truths be held in the space of our bodies.

And be honored as God herself.

May you find what you never looked for,

And float in the everlasting well of love and ecstasy within you.

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