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  • What is required of me to initiate services?
    A completed intake form and acknowledgment that you read my Consent & Discretion policy. The new intake form has it's own subpage within Somatic Intimacy. You can find a link to the page in the main menu, or at the bottom of the Somatic Intimacy page. Here is a link: INTAKE FORM
  • How do I prepare for my first session?
    Upon your arrival, expect to be able to use the bathroom and begin our time together with a conversation about why you decided to book. I will give you a rundown of my philosophy, method, and flow before you get on the table. There isn't much you need to prepare for except for possible hygiene and hydration needs. Make sure you have something in your belly and are comfortably satisfied in your physiologicals. Plan on being on time. If you are not on time, send me a text with your expected arrival. Honor the excitement, nervousness, or whatever else you may be experiencing!
  • Not really a question but I am super nervous...
    This is likely the most nervous you'll ever be. I always expect some anxiety with new clients because this is vulnerable work and new exploration can be scary for a lot of people. We are strangers! It's actually healthy to have a little protection activated when we are initiating new relationships of any kind. It's welcome here.
  • What can I expect for my first session?
    First sessions are universal for everyone - it is an introduction to my style, flow, and methodology. My delivery is ritual and will serve as it's needed, desired, accepted, etc. I will spend a heavy dose of curiosity on what brought you to seeking out care and share with you my philosophy and the basics of what to expect when you are on the table. I will ask you about no-zones, injuries, allergies to almonds, and have clear boundaries set in place before any physical contact begins. There is zero tolerance for any kind of fluid exchange.
  • How do I request a session?
    The calendar page! It can be found in the main menu. This is the only way to book time with me. My booking process is not automatic - meaning I need to manually approve all requests that come through. Once a slot is requested, it cannot be requested by someone else. *Screening is required for approval of requests. All new clients must fill out an intake form.
  • How do I reschedule/cancel a session?
    There are a few ways . You are always welcome to reach out by text, email, or the chat feature on this website to let me know that you need to change your appointment. If you are a site member, you can modify it from your member account.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I typically ask for at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel - but I totally understand that this is not always possible. If for whatever reason it feels best to send what I call a 'slot holding' fee, you are welcome to do so. My Venmo is @foxella. If you pay a slot holding fee and rebook within a few days, I would be happy to use that towards your rescheduled session. If I need to cancel a session that was already approved and/or confirmed, I will offer a $50 discount on your next session, or an additional 10-15 minutes onto your next, rescheduled session.
  • How do I know if my request is approved?
    You will receive an automatic email when I approve or deny your request. If I am late to respond, I will likely include an email or text message in attempts to confirm and ensure it will still work for you given the late notice.
  • How do I confirm my session?
    You will receive another automatic email 24 hours prior to your appointment time with your appointment details. You are welcome to respond to that email or send me a text the night before/morning of the session. Expect a response from me when you send me a confirmation at least 2 hours before our start time. If I do not receive a confirmation notification from you, I will attempt to get one from you anywhere between 2-24 hours before our scheduled time by text or email (sometimes both). If I do not hear from you within a reasonable amount of time (at least 45 minutes before the start of our session), I will likely assume you are not able to make it and offer a reschedule.
  • How do I get in touch with you?
    I am very transparent about being difficult to get in touch with sometimes. I truly do not look at my work phone very often aside from confirming sessions and arrival notifications. Texting is the most unreliable form of communicating with me. I pay attention to calendar requests the most. So booking is technically the best way to get in touch with me! If you need to get in touch without requesting a session, use these following features (listed in my priority viewing order): Chat feature on the website (Best during available hours) Contact & Feedback form (I get a direct notification) Email (I get a direct notification, but it is mixed up with a lot of other noise) Text (Never use this if you don't have something on the calendar)
  • How do I get into the building?
    My space is inside a secure office building. You will need to text me when you park so I can promptly meet you at the front door to let you inside. I will likely be ready 5-15 minutes before our start time and will send you a text to say that I am ready. The back door is not preferred.
  • What happens if I am late?
    If you are running only slightly behind, it's probably ok. But if you are more than 15 minutes behind, I would suggest a reschedule to avoid feeling rushed and having a short session. Session time has to start at the scheduled time and any lost time will be expected to be paid for, but not necessarily made up for. If I am able to extend the session, I will offer an additional 15 minutes (no more than 20) for $60. It is often that some sessions run a little longer than they are scheduled. If this becomes a regular occurrence, I will recommend extending the session by 15/20 minutes for an additional $60 (90 minutes for $380).
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    I accept cash, cards, and Venmo. If I am swiping your card, I need to charge an additional processing fee through Square Services. Your statement will read 'Sacred Connection' for the transaction. I am unable to accept insurance.
  • Where do I park?
    Street parking is available on E 38th St. and Columbus Ave. Do not park in the back lot.
  • What is accessibility like at your space?
    Not great. My space is located on the second floor with 9 steps to climb. I am near a bathroom with a sink and toilet, but have no access to a shower or a bed. If you are unable to visit my space, please request a Travel to You session and include that accessibility is your reason for requesting an outcall appointment. The building is a scent-free zone (although there have been complaints).
  • Are there showers at your space?
    No. I use warm towels to wipe the oil off of you, but you will not have access to a full bathroom.
  • You are not allowed to ask me about the safety of the surrounding area of George Floyd Square.
    It is no safer or more dangerous than anywhere else in south Minneapolis.
  • Are you a licensed massage therapist?
    Nope. More coming soon...
  • What are the regulations that oversee this work?
    I operate under regulations set by The MN Department of Unlicensed Complimentary and Alternative Healthcare Practices and the City of Minneapolis ordinances for massage establishment. I am required to offer you the state's client bill of rights. There are regulations on prohibited conduct that lays out guidelines for true, safe, and ethical practices. The State of MN does not have educational requirements to practice alternative care or therapies including massage, bodywork, energy work, sex or intimacy education, or other services available here. The regulating agency for sex therapists and sexuality educators is AASECT; nearly all of my classes on sex and sexuality are approved courses taught by AASECT approved teachers - I have taken a variety of deep dives into a spectrum of erotic teachings from lots of sources within and outside the realm of accredited institutional knowledge Please refrain from using words that imply illegal activity when you communicate with me - these will be ignored and/or blocked.
  • Do you identify with any particular spiritual path?
    Not really, nope. I was raised in catholicism and left the church in my early teenage years. I have always felt close with my idea of God - but it has no attachment to a set of rules, doctrines, or scripture. Religion has never worked for me, but faith has never left me. I have a parent who spoke about having better conversations with God on a fishing boat than a church pew and had wonderful support in discovery of my own spirituality from an early age. I consider myself a little witchy - but not the kind you're probably thinking of in your head. Seasons and the elements speak to me the most. Math and chemistry seem to be very holy as is language and sensation. God finds me with ease in many places where she hides.
  • What are your views on tantra?
    I appreciate and respect tantra but am in no way shape or form initiated into or taught by a lineage of tantrikas. Although tantra is greatly respected in the space of my work, I am not always interested in the way the west has appropriated it into the new age spirituality industry under imperial capitalism. I do not believe feminine and masculine energies are gendered. I am deeply connected to tantric principles, but I will not participate in the appropriation of it by upholding the teachings to a single lens of sexual practices as so many understand them today. Tantra is way more than sex. And it's not a code word for anything conventionally sexual. Truly, the word represents scriptures. I request that you are at least aware of how the west has continued to appropriate ancient and new cultures for their own advantageous gain without giving credit, nor acknowledging the harm brought on people who gave us the knowledge in the first place. And while we are at it - this work recognizes the land we are on as stolen from indigenous peoples. This work also recognizes the labor that was (and still is) exploited from BIPOC during the emergence of our country, state, and city.
  • What's your favorite area of philosophy to study?
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