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When Butt Stuff *Isn't*

I have to be radically honest.

As it goes, weird shit happens to me.

I have had so many random medical stuff happen to me that I have lost track on how many ER visits I've been through that wind up in surgery or a new med is prescribed.

This week was nothing different.

And the guilt I have for it is...silly.

I feel awful when I need to cancel sessions.

Cancelling and rescheduling appointments is my least favorite thing to do.

Not only are you expecting a great time, I am expecting transactions to support me financially, too.

So not being able to work hits my heart in a multitude of ways.

This week I had to have a surprise procedure on a *very* sensitive part of my body that I talk about with all of you on a regular butt!

It's embarrassing. It's gross. But this is my beautiful body and beautiful bodies do gross and embarrassing things sometimes.

I want to spare the details, but I also just want to be honest. So please know, that when I don't respond to emails, or I don't respond to texts, I HATE IT. It's setting boundaries that I know need to exist, but I understand how frustrating it can be on the client's end, too. No one deserves to be ignored outright. This and last week, if you have felt ignored, I apologize.

I was dealing with a very painful blood clot in my rectum and needed a semi-emergency procedure done to treat it. I was scared. I was crying every day this week. And now I am healing...but still very much in active discomfort and taking as many naps as I can.

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful I could weep about how kind all of you have been to me over the years when shit goes bonkers.

I guess I am now a somewhat experienced expert on hemorrhoids! So that's a win for a sex educator, right?? Laugh with me, please! If all we have after frustration is laugher, so BE IT! We all deal with pains in the ass sometimes...(from the mouth of the surgeon who treated me).

I will be in contact with all those effected next week to send apology letters and offerings of some goodies. If you need to reach out again to get your text or email to the top of the list, please do so.

I will make this right for everyone. :) thank you.

I love you all.



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