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God is a cookie

here's the deal.

it's all the same coin.

shadow and light; two sides, same coin.

feminine and masculine; two sides, same coin.


if we work on the shadow, we work on the light

if we work on the light, we work on the shadow

everything that impacts the light impacts the shadow

everything that impacts the shadow impacts the light

feminine work is masculine work

masculine work is feminine work

we have to remember the whole coin

ironic that coins are often gold?

i think not

the treasure is all in the coin

as a whole coin

the whoooooole thing as one and two

at the same time

that's where god/the juice/the maker/the power lives

that's the god shit

maybe think of it like a golden nectar oreo cookie

these two sides, completely opposing each other

universally and energetically molten/held together

with sparkly



nectar cream

mmm mmm mmm

between them

the whole thing is god

its the weave/weaving of these two opposites

into a singular thing

is what's the god

these are the things our tongues

often don't know how to enliven

with words

{i am using an oreo to explain god for oasis sake}

we don't have all the words to explain

our experiences with divine power

and we don't need to

some things might not need words

but instead a slosh of fun snacky metaphores

with new words we made up

in a poetic game of

connecting the dots

we learn not through the language we have

but through the experience of it all

the bodily

and emotional

sensation that just doesn't need to be conventionally named

when we are dealing with this

magnitude of power

the pressure to judge it

to name it

to understand it

all fair


wildly unnecessary

for it to be

the way it is

/// detaching from binary perspectives

i am learning

is part of divine work

binary lenses alone

will keep us stuck

the divine binary isn't the same binary as we understand

we do not access feminine energy by being more woman

we do not access masculine energy by being more man

if we continue to apply our interpretation of false gender/sex binary within the frameworks of the divine, we will be frustrated, confused, and discouraged

i am unsure of what order all this divine work is to take place

or if there even is a proper order of figuring it all out

it is likely choas

or a semblance of both

god would be like that

will report back when more becomes available

until next time, rainbows...



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