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Wild Flowers

Elemental Touch

Touch & Be Touched.jpg

Elemental Touch I:
Reiki + Energy

Very gentle, yet powerful, transformations can happen with Reiki and elemental alchemy. I listen to your body with my body to decipher and tune into alignment with what your energy is calling for. This can be as passive or active as you'd like it to be for integration. 

Fully clothed, no massage or oil used. Hot stones on feet and aromatherapy optional.  

75 minutes / $160

Touch & Be Touched (1).jpg
Touch & Be Touched (1).jpg

Elemental Touch II:
Energetic BodyWork 

A gentle massage offering using elemental touch. Drape to your comfort for a sweet delivery of relaxation with sweet almond oil. You'll be on a warm table with an option to use hot stones and aromatherapy. 

75 minutes / $160 

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For those who are looking to learn. Classes are coming soon! Individual education sessions are available to those who have purchased a class and would like personalized support with the material. 

Available for individualized Elemental Touch education for those who are looking for skill building around touch, a consent practice, or bodywork.

Options for in person or virtual sessions - do not include physical contact.  

60 minutes / $160

Package of 3 / $450

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