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Somatic Intimacy:
A ritual of tender pleasure

witnessing wild, unleashed intimacy within you. 

a Somatic Intimacy body-care session is a ritual of sensual touch, soft worship, and deep surrender that delivers discovery of the depths of pleasure

It is:

  • a body prayer delivered by touch

  • somatic medicine 

  • rooted in safety + security (connection)

  • trauma-informed 

  • a practice of consent

  • gentle, affectionate, and affirming

Tenet 1: The Body is Benevolent

The body has ecstatic wisdom strumming through it at all times.


We’re going to tap into that gooey wisdom and play in it.


We will dance in a corporeal poem of obscure bliss. 

I use elemental magick, energy alchemy, and the natural laws of the senses to hold experiential space for you to play with yourself in. Together, we will co-create a space where you can surrender to the sweet nectar of your sensual juice. 

Tenet 2: Pleasure is Medicine

Somatic Intimacy harnesses pleasure as powerful, sovereign medicine.

Think gentle affirming intensity and goosebumps arising from caresses timed at a near-scientific pace. We are going to activate special sensory responses to harness pleasure and expand in the depths of our gooeyness.

It is bodywork that safely and softly incorporates affirming, sensual vibes that help connect to gentle pleasure for the purposes of personal growth, deepening spiritual connection, and/or experiencing a wholesomely tender way to enjoy your body and all its plasticity.


Tenet 3: Touch as Witness

Touch is how we know we are alive - it sleeps with all of our senses. 

We cannot touch anything without being touched back. I listen with my hands (and my body) and use the natural law of mutual touch to offer witness. 


Experiential touch discovery is a mutual cultivation of witnessing your pleasure, truth, and sovereignty.

This ritual can support:
  • Cultivating connection 

  • Building confidence and self-compassion

  • Somatic awareness

  • Wound healing and recovery

  • Intimacy, relationships, and communication 

  • Erotic sovereignty

  • Grieving 

  • Establishing a consent practice 

  • Healing patriarchal wounds (for all genders)

  • Honoring + connecting with sacred feminine and masculine energies (de-gendering the sacred divine)

  • Ritual body care 

  • Touch thirst 

  • Discovering needs, desires, and values  

  • Pleasure mapping

Is this for you? I work with people who are interested in...

  • Somatic and touch approaches to healing, nourishment, and self-discovery

  • Neo-tantra and the alchemy of sexual energy [spiritual AF]

  • Sacred masculine & feminine work (these are not gendered words here)

  • Building new blueprints of identity outside of conventional patriarchy and capitalism

  • New age spirituality

  • Recovering from purity culture

  • Nourishing the relationship with their body

  • Having a gosh darn good time because the world is crumbling and the sense of impending doom must be intermittently disrupted ;)

I work with people who are:

  • Sweet, honest, and respectful

  • Thirsty for touch 

  • Curious or relearning 

  • Exploring their sensual wildness

  • Dealing with performance anxiety

  • In spiritual recovery 

  • Reconnecting with their bodies after medical procedure, trauma, or hardship

  • Fat, thin, disabled, abled, or otherwise

  • Happy, joyous & full of content

  • Ready to have their bodies catapult into their personal garden of ecstasy and drink all the juice the flowers spit out into their mouths

  • ...And everyone in between

Sessions + Investment

New Client 

70/80 minute introduction: $300 


70 minutes: $320

Extended 90/100 minutes: $500*

*Extended option must be discussed in person prior to requesting

Talk + Light Touch

70 minutes: $160 - $240

Travel to You

70 minutes: $400+*

*View map in request process

Packages = 3 hours @ 10% off up front

Extra Gentle / Sliding Scale Sessions*

No more than 70 minutes: $220 - $250

*Details and boundaries to be discussed in person - this has been added for the more gentle sessions those who are seeking recovery have been asking for. 

Blue Flowers

Welcome to the garden of ecstasy 

The body is sacred.

It is said to have an entire micro-galaxy within it.

In our bodies, we experience life.

It is our portal to reality and the obscure. 

As we await an inevitable death, we heal.

As we experience pleasure and pain simultaneously,

we ebb and flow with the elements

and seasons of life.

We sleep, we dream.

We suffer and surrender.

We fall and rise in love and fear.

Here we are, we are here.

Together, we share this planet as mother.

We pray to higher powers as we watch the clock.

And follow time into its unfolding.

We join in power, strength, and vitality.

With our vulnerability, we grow into compassion.

We share space and isolate ourselves.

We listen to the call of the wild.

We are human.

Flawed, strange, and beautiful -

...All at once in the brilliance of difference and sameness.

May all of our truths be held in the space of our bodies.

And be honored as God herself.

May you find what you never looked for,

And float in the everlasting well of love and ecstasy within you.

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