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Ready!? Hell yes!

Y'all are really ready for this, aren't you?

You're ready to redesign masculine blueprints.

You know, deep in your bones, that your blood boils, too.

That parts of you, the parts yearning love, have been opressed, too.

That you have been told to be a certain way, and its the only way to be a good man.

You know how fucked up the patriarchy is.

You know you've been brainwashed and you've been in turmoil figuring it all out as you tap into the truth.

You don't take it personal

Because you know, deep where the blood boils, that your sacred feminine side is screaming, too.

She's inside you begging to be cradled, searching for a lap to weep on, a chest to cry into, a body to be held in.

You've felt the calling for a while - never finding the words in your patriarchal vocabulary, to let yourself swim freely in your emotions, your authenticity, your soft creativity, your pleasure.

You've been listening, haven't you?

To the call of wild women around you.

To the wild woman within you - you hear her, don't you?

You aren't intimidated.

You are curious. (I am too)

As to how you, too, could harness such power

That can only come from cracking open the false narratives and spilling our guts out so we can finally fucking breathe in our genuine joy, together.


I'm listening and I am hearing from so many of you the readiness of change. This free-style poem was written during a moment of inspiration; after having a stellar week of meeting cis men who are working on dismantling the patriarchy from within themselves. I am beyond enthusiastic that my work has proven an effective way to embrace and validate your journey as you design these new blueprints - It is an absolute honor to be building a new a world with you.

We are doing cool shit, y'all 🥰

As always, may the best be yours.



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